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Illuminated Handrail close-up

LED Handrail Solutions For Any Project

High-Quality Illuminated Handrails

Artec Lighting Products Iluminated Handrail Close-Up

100,000+ Hours

Artec LED handrail provide long-lasting illumination with a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours (L70). This ensures that the handrail will require minimal maintenance if any.

Cool to the Touch

The LED handrail is designed to stay cool, making it safe and comfortable in both indoor or outdoor spaces.

Energy Efficient

Artec LED handrail is highly energy-efficient, consuming minimal power and reducing energy costs. The handrail will not only save you money, but also have a reduced environmental impact.

Vandal Resistant

Our LED handrails are designed to be tough and durable, with secure fixings that can withstand attempted damage or theft. This makes it ideal for public areas where vandalism and theft may be a concern.

Custom Length Handrail

Our illuminated handrails are manufactured to meet the specific needs of your project, ensuring a perfect fit and the ideal amount of light. 

Quick Connect Adapters

Plug and Play adapters make installation and potential maintenance of the LED handrail super simple.

Safe Low-Voltage

Our illuminated handrail features a safe low-voltage system, making it suitable for any setting, even wet or damp environments.

Flexible Specification

We offer a flexible specification option for our illuminated handrail, allowing it to be customized to meet your specific requirements, including shape, color, and size.

LED Handrails Canada
Commercial Lighting Toronto
Illuminated Handrail Toronto
Toronto Handrail Lighting
YorkU LED Handrail

Artec LED Handrail is manufactured in North America and delivers functional illumination. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, available in satin stainless steel and extruded aluminum. Place light exactly where required, complimenting architectural design without sacrificing safety and efficiency.

LED Handrails: A Safer Way To Navigate

Indoor LED Handrail
LED handrail for safety and efficiency.
Stainless steel LED handrail on a staircase at Unionville Go Station
Stainless steel LED handrail on a staircase at Unionville Go Station

LED Handrail
Supporting Files

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Specification Sheet

Single page project specification sheet with illuminated handrail information.

Sales & Marketing

Need to pass along some info? Download information regarding the Artec LED Handrail

IES Files

Looking to see how our illuminated handrail fits in your lighting design? Download basic IES files here.  

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